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Reeves Marketing Group is a company that specializes in providing high quality marketing and lead generating services to real estate agents in Canada. "Built By A Broker - For Brokers" RMG is founded by John Reeves, a licensed real estate broker in Ontario who has 10 years experience selling real estate including 5 years as a broker of record / brokerage owner.

Building custom real estate websites and generating leads online is my #1 passion and I want to get leads for you! I excel at creating custom websites that work extremely well with Google Adwords. I can get very targeted, high quality search traffic from Google for the lowest possible cost. I drive that traffic to my website and my website converts the traffic into leads! I've been doing this for 10 years now and have been formally trained in order to get the best results. I've built dozens of websites, I've set up hundreds of campaigns, I've spent thousands of dollars on advertising and I've generated 1000's of leads in multiple cities in Ontario. Now I would like to help you!

I'm certain that I can increase the number of deals you do every month AND I'm certain that you will be very happy with your ROI. In order to ensure that you get the highest quality, most effective service possible, I will only be working with 1 agent per city AND I guarantee my services in writing! So if you want more deals, contact me now!


3 Options For You!

We offer 3 ways for you to start getting good leads, quickly and easily!

Option #1) Drive traffic to your existing site

If you already have a good website that you're happy with but you're not getting many visitors, I can drive high quality, highly targeted traffic to your site, directly from Google. I will guarantee the number of visitors in writing and provide you with a report from Google as proof. If your website does not have Google Analytics, I can install this code into your site and give you access to the account which shows you how many visitors you're getting daily and where they came from etc. Contact me for a Free Quote.

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Option #2) Build You A Site And Market It

If you don't have a website or even if you do, I can provide you with one of my custom built "unbranded" websites. I take one of my websites that is proven to generate hundreds of leads and I put it in your name and drive traffic to it. The one time cost to set up the site starts at $250 and the monthly fee starts at only $15 + advertising. This option will provide you with the highest number of leads. You'll get phone calls and emails from people interested in buying homes in your city AND you can also use this website, marketing system, and list of buyers as a powerful tool to attract and secure more listings! With this option I will guarantee the number of leads that you get. Contact me for a Free Quote.

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Option #3) Send You Referrals

Don't want to bother with a website? Just want leads sent to your email? I can do that too! With this option I will market my own websites and send you the leads. I can send you leads for you to follow up with or I can have my team call the leads first and pre screen them and book appointments for you. With this option I either guarantee the number of leads, or appointments / referrals. The cost per referral depends on the city. But basically all you have to do is pay the fee and you're guaranteed a buyer. You pay upfront but the cost is significantly less than a typical 25% referral! Contact me for a Free Quote.

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I guarantee all my services and back them in writing!

What other type of advertising can you do where the advertiser actually guarantees you a specific number of leads?! That's how confident I am in my services. I've spent thousands of dollars on all kinds of advertising. I know what works, I know what doesn't work and I know how much it costs. This is why I started this business...I know what I have is very very good! Great results at an affordable cost. If you hire me to be your marketer, you're guaranteed to get business AND an excellent ROI. Your satisfaction is extremely important to me and I assure you'll always receive excellent customer service. Contact me now for a Free Quote and see for yourself!

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Additional Services Available

Want to give your social media pages a fresh new professional look? Want to make your luxury listing truly stand out? We have the solutions for you! ***Not available in all locations, please contact for more info***

Green Screen Portrait

Update your photo with a professional Green Screen Portrait which can then be used for all kinds of awesome graphics as well!

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Custom Graphics

We can create modern, high quality graphics for facebook ads & headers, business cards, for sale signs, post cards & flyers etc.

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Facebook Advertising

We can set up a Facebook Business Page and create targeted ad campaigns for you as well as create unique content for your page.

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100% Custom Websites

Have an idea for a website but don't know how to get it off the ground? We can build a custom website and give you exactly what you want!

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Micro Niche Websites

Single property websites for entire condo buildings are becoming more and more popular as you can generate highly targeted ads & leads!

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Downtown Condo Leads

Do you want leads for Toronto condos? We can provide you with condo leasing leads as well as condo buyer leads via our condo websites.

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Youtube Advertising

Youtube Ads offer tons of exposure for a very low cost! We can produce a professional YouTube Commercial & Ad Campaign for you.

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Drone Videography

Want to show off your luxury listing and impress your sellers? Get professional aerial photos and video from our drone videographer.

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Join The Team!

We are currently looking for more professional photographers, graphic designers and web developers! Contact us for more details.